Apex Creates Solutions for Financial Technology Firms

Apex Clearing Corporation pic

Apex Clearing Corporation
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After more than three decades of service, Aegis Capital Corp remains true to its roots by presenting clients with reliable solutions on par with what large banks can offer. Under the leadership of CEO Robert Eide, Aegis Capital has created wealth-management products and institutional services. To sustain the quality of its services, Aegis Capital Corp works with clearing firm Apex Clearing Corporation.

Apex Clearing Corporation combines the experience of its leadership team to deliver retail and institutional solutions. Acknowledging the transition of companies into a digital platform, Apex created unique solutions for financial technology firms. These solutions include Apex Connect, Apex Paperless, Apex Transfer, and Apex Assist.

Apex Connect’s capabilities enable clients to integrate their back-office processes. The account-creation technology Apex Paperless assists clients in generating customers effortlessly. Apex Transfer automates cash management with customer asset solutions. Meanwhile, Apex Assist assigns a dedicated account representative and service team to clients.


RBC Correspondent Services Create a Search Tool for Financial Services

BLACK Platform pic

BLACK Platform
Image: rbccorrespondentservices.com


With the demand for real estate services, Robert Eide established Aegis Capital Corp in 1984. During its early years, Aegis Capital catered to the needs of high-profile clients in managing their property assets. Today, Aegis Capital Corp continues to provide investment services through its clearing relationship with RBC Correspondent Services.

RBC Correspondent Services serves as a clearing, custody, and execution services provider. It works with financial institutions such as wealth management firms, retail brokerages, institutional firms, FinTech firms, as well as dually registered firms by providing them with financial products and advanced technology systems. One of these tech solutions is Marketplace, a search tool for clients of RBC Correspondent & Advisor Services.

This web-based resource provides users with a variety of financial services offered by RBC and over 100 third-party providers. Through this search tool, investment advisors and broker-dealers can navigate through a variety of financial products on Portfolio Management, Investment Research, Financial Planning, and more.

Through Marketplace, RBC Correspondent Services allows firms to create their own business offering.