BLACK Platform Combines Solutions from Leading Platform Providers

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BLACK Platform

Aegis Capital Corp. was founded in 1984 by Robert Eide with the vision of changing the way business is done in the financial industry and serving the needs of customers in complex real estate transactions. Committed to customer satisfaction, Aegis Capital Corp. forms partnerships with various financial and marketing organizations to ensure the highest level of service. Its affiliations include a clearing relationship with RBC Correspondent Services, which offers the BLACK platform solutions tool.

An integrated financial advisor platform, BLACK combines the solutions of numerous leading financial services technology companies and prepares them for release as a single pre-packed unit. Technology solutions released in this manner generally cost 80 percent less than the total cost of purchasing each one separately. BLACK draws on four separate platform providers that contribute toward solutions for financial planning, customer relationship management, client and portfolio risk alignment, and account aggregation and client engagement. Furthermore, the platform plans to incorporate additional providers associated with trading and accounting.


Board Leadership Program Offers Solutions for Industry Hurdles

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Board Leadership Program

Aegis Capital Corp operates with a focus on enhancing client goals through unencumbered advice and a comprehensive range of retail and institutional broker-dealer services. Aegis Capital Corp also belongs to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which provides a variety of market sources and governance services, such as the Board Leadership Program.

An annual membership program, the Board Leadership Program presents directors and executives with a flexible and proactive continuing education solution for overcoming industry-related hurdles. It equips members with the tools and resources to handle challenges related to corporate governance and confronting public companies. Resources include access to conference videos and presentations, webinars and series, white papers and research reports, and board training courses. Furthermore, members receive discounted registration rates for conferences and peer exchanges and a one-year subscription to Corporate Board Member Magazine.

The Board Leadership Program offers two types of memberships: Full Board and Individual. Full board memberships cost $1,495 per director and include proactive disclosure to shareholders and inclusive access to NYSE Governance Services Conferences and peer exchanges. Individual memberships cost $995 per year and are open to C-suite executives of publically traded companies.

What is Key Man or Key Person Insurance?

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Aegis Capital Corp


At Aegis Capital Corp, seasoned teams of wealth management professionals help clients make the most of their assets. In addition to a multitude of services for personal investors, Aegis Capital Corp offers valuable tools and protections for businesses of any size. From risk management to insurance, Aegis Capital helps companies plan for success.

In risk management, it is important to consider the financial implications of many unfortunate circumstances, no matter how unlikely. Key man, or key person, insurance protects businesses from failure in the event that a key employee or business owner passes away unexpectedly.

Key man insurance is essentially a life insurance policy that pays out to a business. Companies can choose to insure individuals whose contributions are crucial to the success of the company. Small businesses often insure the founder or a couple of partners. In the event of a tragedy, the business itself would have funds to stay afloat while searching for a replacement.

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