Aegis Capital Corp Hosts Annual Growth Conference

Aegis Capital Corp pic

Aegis Capital Corp

A boutique investment bank in New York, New York, Aegis Capital Corp. provides retail and institutional broker-dealer services with a focus on enhancing client goals. Aegis Capital Corp. also hosts its own annual growth conference that features topics regarding healthcare and technology.

The three-day conference draws in approximately 100 presenting companies and over 500 investors from throughout the country. Participants and attendees engage in a variety of one-on-one meetings and networking events, including presentations from participating investors and companies in the healthcare and technology industries. Past conferences have also incorporated topics from other industries, such as telecom and aerospace defense. In addition, the conference will offer sponsored meals that include breakfast, lunch, and a reception dinner on the second day of the conference. Other events include a welcome reception, poolside cocktail, and a closing breakfast on the final day of the conference. Conference sponsors and special guests will attend the poolside cocktail and reception dinner, respectively.

For more information on upcoming conferences, visit


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