SIPC Releases New Series 600 Rules for Filing Supplemental Reports

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Securities Investor Protection Corporation

Retail and institution broker-dealer Aegis Capital Corp provides a variety of financial and investment services and creates customized plans based on the specific needs of individual clients. Aegis Capital Corp also belongs to multiple financial institutions, such as the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) in Washington, DC. In 2016, SIPC received approval for a new series of member rules regarding supplemental reports.

Approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Series 600 Rules detail the format for the form and content of SIPC supplemental reports known as Independent Accountants’ Report on Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures. The rule alters the filing route for supplemental reports submitted by broker-dealers, requiring them to file with SIPC as opposed to the SEC. Additionally, supplemental reports must include a report from an independent public accountant who performed agreed-upon procedures outlined in paragraphs (b)(3)(i) through (vi) of the Series 600 Rules.

The Series 600 Rules require broker-dealers to file within 60 days after the fiscal year concludes. Broker-dealers who report total revenues of $500,000 or less in their annual audited statement of income are not required to file a supplemental report to SIPC.


Aegis Capital Corp Hosts Annual Growth Conference

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Aegis Capital Corp

A boutique investment bank in New York, New York, Aegis Capital Corp. provides retail and institutional broker-dealer services with a focus on enhancing client goals. Aegis Capital Corp. also hosts its own annual growth conference that features topics regarding healthcare and technology.

The three-day conference draws in approximately 100 presenting companies and over 500 investors from throughout the country. Participants and attendees engage in a variety of one-on-one meetings and networking events, including presentations from participating investors and companies in the healthcare and technology industries. Past conferences have also incorporated topics from other industries, such as telecom and aerospace defense. In addition, the conference will offer sponsored meals that include breakfast, lunch, and a reception dinner on the second day of the conference. Other events include a welcome reception, poolside cocktail, and a closing breakfast on the final day of the conference. Conference sponsors and special guests will attend the poolside cocktail and reception dinner, respectively.

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BrokerCheck System Offers Information about Brokers

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BrokerCheck System

A full service retail and institutional broker-dealer in New York, New York, Aegis Capital Corp. operates with a focus on enhancing client goals through unencumbered advice and a conflict-free platform. Aegis Capital Corp. maintains membership with several financial and investment organizations such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which offers broker reviews through the digital BrokerCheck system.

BrokerCheck provides users with a complete review of a broker’s professional history, including employment backgrounds, licenses, and certifications. It also provides information about a broker’s regulatory actions and any violations. Designed to help investors make informed decisions regarding potential brokers and their firms, the free tool utilizes data collected through FINRA’s registration process and information in filings from firms, regulators, and investment professionals. Additionally, the database contains information on formerly registered brokers who may work for other financial services industries.

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Three Common Types of Mutual Funds

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Aegis Capital Corp

A New York City-based broker-dealer founded in 1984, Aegis Capital Corp. offers a comprehensive selection of services for individual and institutional investors. Retail services provided by Aegis Capital Corp. include mutual funds, the structures of which vary based on the needs of the investor.

Money market funds: Money market funds typically invest in low-risk assets such as treasury bills, government bonds, and certificates of deposit. Although the risk profile of money market funds is low, the potential returns are also relatively low.

Equity funds: As the name suggests, equity funds invest in stocks. Unlike money market funds, which provide consistent returns with low risk, equity funds involve fast growth and higher risk. Investors can choose from a variety of equity funds, including value stocks, growth stocks, income funds, and more.

Index funds: Index funds peg their value to the performance of indices such as the S&P/TSX Composite Index. Because index funds require fewer investment decisions from the fund manager, costs associated with index funds are relatively low.