Aegis Capital Corp. Launches New Fixed Income Municipal Bond Division

Aegis Capital Corp pic

Aegis Capital Corp

Established more than three decades ago, Aegis Capital Corp. offers a host of retail and institutional broker-dealer solutions. In June 2016, the firm announced the creation of a dedicated Fixed Income Municipal Bond Division. The new Aegis Capital Corp. division has been created with a team that was previously with Hapoalim Securities, where its members achieved significant success with a blue-chip client base.

The new addition to Aegis’ Institutional Desk is guided by Anthony J. Lauriello, who directed Hapoalim’s Municipal Institutional Sales and Trading division for five years and who has two decades of experience with Oppenheimer/CIBC.

The team maintains coverage that extends to many of the nation’s leading insurance providers, fixed-income money managers, and mutual funds; a core focus is on tax-exempt securities spanning major Midwest issuers and Northeast region and California credits. Another area of activity is in zero coupon bonds, which do not pay interest and are traded at a significant discount on their full value at maturity.


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