Aegis Capital Corp. Offers Its Own Independent Insurance Agency


Aegis Capital Corp Image:

Aegis Capital Corp

Full-service boutique investment bank and financial advisory services firm Aegis Capital Corp. has assisted clients since 1984. Led by chairman and CEO Robert Eide, the company offers wealth management services to high-net-worth individuals and families, as well as to a variety of institutional clients. In order to better serve the needs of its clients, Aegis Capital Corp. has established its own insurance division as well.

Known as Aegis General Agency, this division offers the kind of personalized service clients typically expect from a small, neighborhood insurance provider, but with the added effectiveness and innovativeness that distinguish large corporations. This structure enables the company’s financial planners to offer a truly full-service range of products within the same general office space, while still delivering a completely independent point of view.

This kind of independence is vital in that every client is in a unique financial situation, and has distinct life goals that can only be properly addressed by a company that puts clients’ interests first. Many other competing investment banks automatically direct clients to their own preferred partner insurance companies, whether or not these companies are the best equipped to meet clients’ needs.


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