Aegis Promotes Nxt-ID After March WorldVentures Deal

Nxt-ID Image:


Aegis Capital Corp., a New York-based financial advisory and brokerage services bank since 1984, recently issued an updated “buy” rating for rising technology company Nxt-ID. In March 2016, an Aegis Capital Corp. representative noted Nxt-ID’s 12-month target price of $3.00 after that company’s conclusion of a deal with WorldVentures, a leading global provider of curated travel experiences marketed through independent salespeople. In its deal with WorldVentures, Nxt-ID is set to provide up to $15 million in SmartCard orders for the client company.

Nxt-ID’s business model focuses on working with corporate, private, and government clients to build digital payment strategies, encryption technologies, and biometrically based security methodologies. Established half a decade ago, Nxt-ID has developed a growing spectrum of technology-based patents and biometric solutions designed to provide definitive identification of individuals. Among the company’s latest innovations are a mobile identity verification product and a 21st century standalone “smart” wallet that consolidates all the personal information connected to a user’s credit and membership cards into a single secure device.

The last few years have seen a rapid uptake of smartphone technology among American consumers, about three-quarters of whom now regularly use the devices. Working within this trend, Nxt-ID also continues to build a strong presence in the mobile payment niche. That market is anticipated to surpass $140 billion before the close of the current decade.


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