Apex Creates Solutions for Financial Technology Firms

Apex Clearing Corporation pic

Apex Clearing Corporation
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After more than three decades of service, Aegis Capital Corp remains true to its roots by presenting clients with reliable solutions on par with what large banks can offer. Under the leadership of CEO Robert Eide, Aegis Capital has created wealth-management products and institutional services. To sustain the quality of its services, Aegis Capital Corp works with clearing firm Apex Clearing Corporation.

Apex Clearing Corporation combines the experience of its leadership team to deliver retail and institutional solutions. Acknowledging the transition of companies into a digital platform, Apex created unique solutions for financial technology firms. These solutions include Apex Connect, Apex Paperless, Apex Transfer, and Apex Assist.

Apex Connect’s capabilities enable clients to integrate their back-office processes. The account-creation technology Apex Paperless assists clients in generating customers effortlessly. Apex Transfer automates cash management with customer asset solutions. Meanwhile, Apex Assist assigns a dedicated account representative and service team to clients.


RBC Correspondent Services Create a Search Tool for Financial Services

BLACK Platform pic

BLACK Platform
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With the demand for real estate services, Robert Eide established Aegis Capital Corp in 1984. During its early years, Aegis Capital catered to the needs of high-profile clients in managing their property assets. Today, Aegis Capital Corp continues to provide investment services through its clearing relationship with RBC Correspondent Services.

RBC Correspondent Services serves as a clearing, custody, and execution services provider. It works with financial institutions such as wealth management firms, retail brokerages, institutional firms, FinTech firms, as well as dually registered firms by providing them with financial products and advanced technology systems. One of these tech solutions is Marketplace, a search tool for clients of RBC Correspondent & Advisor Services.

This web-based resource provides users with a variety of financial services offered by RBC and over 100 third-party providers. Through this search tool, investment advisors and broker-dealers can navigate through a variety of financial products on Portfolio Management, Investment Research, Financial Planning, and more.

Through Marketplace, RBC Correspondent Services allows firms to create their own business offering.

BLACK Platform Combines Solutions from Leading Platform Providers

BLACK Platform pic

BLACK Platform
Image: rbccorrespondentservices.com

Aegis Capital Corp. was founded in 1984 by Robert Eide with the vision of changing the way business is done in the financial industry and serving the needs of customers in complex real estate transactions. Committed to customer satisfaction, Aegis Capital Corp. forms partnerships with various financial and marketing organizations to ensure the highest level of service. Its affiliations include a clearing relationship with RBC Correspondent Services, which offers the BLACK platform solutions tool.

An integrated financial advisor platform, BLACK combines the solutions of numerous leading financial services technology companies and prepares them for release as a single pre-packed unit. Technology solutions released in this manner generally cost 80 percent less than the total cost of purchasing each one separately. BLACK draws on four separate platform providers that contribute toward solutions for financial planning, customer relationship management, client and portfolio risk alignment, and account aggregation and client engagement. Furthermore, the platform plans to incorporate additional providers associated with trading and accounting.

Board Leadership Program Offers Solutions for Industry Hurdles

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Board Leadership Program
Image: nyse.com

Aegis Capital Corp operates with a focus on enhancing client goals through unencumbered advice and a comprehensive range of retail and institutional broker-dealer services. Aegis Capital Corp also belongs to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which provides a variety of market sources and governance services, such as the Board Leadership Program.

An annual membership program, the Board Leadership Program presents directors and executives with a flexible and proactive continuing education solution for overcoming industry-related hurdles. It equips members with the tools and resources to handle challenges related to corporate governance and confronting public companies. Resources include access to conference videos and presentations, webinars and series, white papers and research reports, and board training courses. Furthermore, members receive discounted registration rates for conferences and peer exchanges and a one-year subscription to Corporate Board Member Magazine.

The Board Leadership Program offers two types of memberships: Full Board and Individual. Full board memberships cost $1,495 per director and include proactive disclosure to shareholders and inclusive access to NYSE Governance Services Conferences and peer exchanges. Individual memberships cost $995 per year and are open to C-suite executives of publically traded companies.

What is Key Man or Key Person Insurance?

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Aegis Capital Corp
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At Aegis Capital Corp, seasoned teams of wealth management professionals help clients make the most of their assets. In addition to a multitude of services for personal investors, Aegis Capital Corp offers valuable tools and protections for businesses of any size. From risk management to insurance, Aegis Capital helps companies plan for success.

In risk management, it is important to consider the financial implications of many unfortunate circumstances, no matter how unlikely. Key man, or key person, insurance protects businesses from failure in the event that a key employee or business owner passes away unexpectedly.

Key man insurance is essentially a life insurance policy that pays out to a business. Companies can choose to insure individuals whose contributions are crucial to the success of the company. Small businesses often insure the founder or a couple of partners. In the event of a tragedy, the business itself would have funds to stay afloat while searching for a replacement.

For more details on key man insurance, visit Aegis Capital at www.aegiscapcorp.com.

AdvisoryWorld Partnership Offers Tailored Software Applications

Five Tips for Protection Against Investment Fraud

Securities Investor Protection Corporation pic

Securities Investor Protection Corporation
Image: sipc.org

New York-based Aegis Capital Corp. provides a wide assortment of financial and investment services for investment banking, venture capital and private placement, debt marketing, and advisory. In addition, Aegis Capital Corp. also maintains membership with the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which helps investors understand and protect themselves against fraud. The following list includes a few tips for avoiding fraud.

1. Check statements for accuracy – Review all documents, statements, and confirmation reports with a critical eye and check to ensure it properly reflects your account activity. Remember to review documents as soon as they arrive and immediately report any errors you find.

2. Keep copies of writings and documents – Make copies of any correspondence you send to your brokerage firm and keep them in a secure place.

3. Beware of investment scams – Learn to recognize five classic types of investment scams – Ponzi schemes, Pyramid schemes, pump-and-dump, offshore scams and advance fee fraud –and their respective warning signs and red flags. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the kind of tactics used by investment scams.

4. Beware online opportunities – The digital age has created a new platform for investment fraud: the internet. Take caution when investing in an online opportunity that requires your personal information. Common places for internet fraud include online bulletin boards, investment newsletters, and spam mail.

5. Become familiar with your State Securities Regulator – Consider getting to know your State Securities Regulator, who can verify the licensure of broker-dealers and provide crucial information about their history. They can also offer education resources and access to protection materials.

SIPC Releases New Series 600 Rules for Filing Supplemental Reports

Securities Investor Protection Corporation pic

Securities Investor Protection Corporation
Image: sipc.org

Retail and institution broker-dealer Aegis Capital Corp provides a variety of financial and investment services and creates customized plans based on the specific needs of individual clients. Aegis Capital Corp also belongs to multiple financial institutions, such as the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) in Washington, DC. In 2016, SIPC received approval for a new series of member rules regarding supplemental reports.

Approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Series 600 Rules detail the format for the form and content of SIPC supplemental reports known as Independent Accountants’ Report on Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures. The rule alters the filing route for supplemental reports submitted by broker-dealers, requiring them to file with SIPC as opposed to the SEC. Additionally, supplemental reports must include a report from an independent public accountant who performed agreed-upon procedures outlined in paragraphs (b)(3)(i) through (vi) of the Series 600 Rules.

The Series 600 Rules require broker-dealers to file within 60 days after the fiscal year concludes. Broker-dealers who report total revenues of $500,000 or less in their annual audited statement of income are not required to file a supplemental report to SIPC.

Aegis Capital Corp Hosts Annual Growth Conference

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Aegis Capital Corp
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A boutique investment bank in New York, New York, Aegis Capital Corp. provides retail and institutional broker-dealer services with a focus on enhancing client goals. Aegis Capital Corp. also hosts its own annual growth conference that features topics regarding healthcare and technology.

The three-day conference draws in approximately 100 presenting companies and over 500 investors from throughout the country. Participants and attendees engage in a variety of one-on-one meetings and networking events, including presentations from participating investors and companies in the healthcare and technology industries. Past conferences have also incorporated topics from other industries, such as telecom and aerospace defense. In addition, the conference will offer sponsored meals that include breakfast, lunch, and a reception dinner on the second day of the conference. Other events include a welcome reception, poolside cocktail, and a closing breakfast on the final day of the conference. Conference sponsors and special guests will attend the poolside cocktail and reception dinner, respectively.

For more information on upcoming conferences, visit www.aegiscapcorp.com.

BrokerCheck System Offers Information about Brokers

BrokerCheck System pic

BrokerCheck System
Image: brokercheck.finra.org

A full service retail and institutional broker-dealer in New York, New York, Aegis Capital Corp. operates with a focus on enhancing client goals through unencumbered advice and a conflict-free platform. Aegis Capital Corp. maintains membership with several financial and investment organizations such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which offers broker reviews through the digital BrokerCheck system.

BrokerCheck provides users with a complete review of a broker’s professional history, including employment backgrounds, licenses, and certifications. It also provides information about a broker’s regulatory actions and any violations. Designed to help investors make informed decisions regarding potential brokers and their firms, the free tool utilizes data collected through FINRA’s registration process and information in filings from firms, regulators, and investment professionals. Additionally, the database contains information on formerly registered brokers who may work for other financial services industries.

For more information about BrokerCheck, visit www.brokercheck.finra.org.